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PhotoChange LLC is a production company based in Washington, DC. We are storytellers who have been filming, photographing, editing, and producing for over 30 years.

We specialize in telling stories that inspire and inform through powerful images and sound. We currently have three major projects in production.

Below, you will find information about our projects, our news and updates, and how to follow us on social media. If you are interested in our work, or have a project idea in mind, please send us a message through our

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Welcome to the official page for the documentary film 

In Lorton's Darkroom

In Lorton's Darkroom is a documentary short that tells the story of inmates who come of age in DC's notorious Lorton Prison during the early days of mass incarceration, and their journey of self discovery. It speaks to the need for diverse image-makers in criminal justice, and offers lessons the project contains three decades on.

Please take a moment to view our trailer:

In Lorton's Darkroom News & Updates


"Congratulations to you and the entire team for winning the Best of Fest Documentary short at the Richmond International Film Festival. It's projects like yours that keep me going and inspired throughout the year."

-Heather Waters, Richmond International Film Festival Director of Programming

"These men are very much like the men in the projects I have conducted, and today most of them are dead.  Your students have produced a wonderful body of work, which helped them keep their sanity while incarcerated.  For what you did, the film was well edited to reflect the inner feelings of the men, and the impact of the project.  Your years of effort have produced something of value that you and the photographers can be proud of. 

Looking back, I'm glad that I could contribute to your project. Here's wishing you continued success in all your endeavors."

-Roland Freeman, Documentary Photographer

The missing Men

The Missing Men is a feature documentary about time, the hopes and struggles of ex-offenders, and the lethal intersection between race and the criminal justice system, 30 years in the making. 





This Narrative Short captures the essence of a college party with the complex relationships that occur when a group of people are thrown together, having very little common with one another.

Using substances to escape the boredom of partying, this group of five friends go through one night of exploring what kind of person each is, deep down, with masks removed.

Nocturne Updates coming soon


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